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  • Master of Applied Mathematics

    Faculty Natural Sciences
    Institute Practically Applied Mathematics
    In this bachelor’s and master’s program you will find the topics algebra, statistics, stochastics, algorithms and geometry. In addition, there are topology and numerics. The interdisciplinary interaction of these different areas is an essential part of mathematics. It creates the necessary understanding and perspective for the big picture. In other words, the everyday life of mathematics together with the necessary tools so that these can be used qualitatively, quantitatively and ultimately with success.

    Information about the Master

    The Master’s program usually follows the Bachelor’s program and lasts three semesters. The program includes attendance of advanced lectures, seminars and the writing of the master’s thesis. This offers students an opportunity to work independently on a mathematical problem and to learn to understand and reproduce current research results.
    The master’s degree in mathematics may be followed by doctoral studies.

    The master’s program in mathematics consists of 60 ECTS credits. It consists of a master module of 30 ECTS credits and a master thesis of 30 ECTS credits.
    The standard duration of the Master’s program is 2 to 3 semesters for full-time students.
    The courses of the master program in mathematics are usually offered in German and English.

    Information about the Master

    Tuition fees amount to CHF 3,250 for the entire Master’s program, including enrollment fees. In addition, there are costs for the teaching materials, which vary depending on the subject, and travel to the oral and written final examination in your area.

    Students who have successfully completed their schooling are generally eligible for admission to our distance learning university. Depending on the course of study, additional prerequisites can be defined; this is evident in the detailed study information and during registration. In case of a missing degree, an equivalency procedure can be applied for. There will be a written exam after each module (semester). In order to enter the next higher module, the preceding examination must be successfully passed (propaedeutic).
    The Master’s programs are only open to students with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Those who hold an equivalent degree are asked to send their documents to the Rector’s Office by mail or by post.

    The length of study depends on the desired workload and the payment made. We will be happy to create a personal study plan for you.


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