Philosophy and Ethics

As a cultural science, the Faculty of Philosophy and Ethics belongs to the humanities. Nevertheless, discourses of natural science play a role as an object of philosophical-ethical work.

Faculty description

Where science logically stops, philosophy and ethics begin. Perhaps when it comes to the question of whether life has dignity and to what extent restrictions on freedom of action can be derived from this: The neurosciences clarify causal processes in the brain, but they leave any freedom of the mind undiscussed. In mathematics, numbers have a clear function, but their ontological status is of interest only to philosophy.
The Faculty of Philosophy and Ethics coordinates the fulfillment of departmental missions in teaching, learning, and research. It is an important institution supporting inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation.
The main emphasis in this humanities work lies in the clarification of individual statements up to entire world concepts, whether they are of life-world origin or have an epistemic function.

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