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Institute for

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology refers to the field of psychology that deals with psychopathology, i.e. serious mental disorders or illnesses. In other words, psychopathology deals with serious mental disorders or illnesses. Accordingly, clinical psychology focuses on the development, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of illnesses that affect the quality of life.

Contents and Description of the Institute

Between clinical psychology and psychiatry there are intersecting fields. These are extensive, as there does not seem to be any real dividing line. The Institute of Clinical Psychology and the corresponding institutes of the Faculty of Medicine therefore have complementary and unavoidable steps. In fact, this is a matter of inter- and transdisciplinary research and teaching. Due to today’s advanced physiological measurement methods, there is the possibility to extend the “classical” psychological methods by modern imaging methods of brain activities. Linking the subjective experience, external assessments and physiological data opens up completely new fields and possibilities. Specifically in the clinical-psychological research and the associated therapy possibilities.