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Institute for

Comparative Religious Studies

Herein, all religions are closely observed and analyzed in their individual building blocks and compiled in a differentiated manner. Empirical and scientific-theoretical approaches are used to show connections and differences, compared and recorded. The meticulous approach clearly highlights and shows subtle nuances to get an even better understanding of the individual religions and deeper connections and differences to better understand and find solutions in verbal and non-verbal communication.


The Institute for Comparative Religious Studies focuses on the 5 world religions and their subgroups as well as on the various religious communities of the different religions. Within the Christian religions alone, there are many differences that need to be compared and analyzed scientifically and empirically. There are absolutely different world views and customs in the free church groups like Krischona and New Apostolic or Methodist Church alone. Among the Free Churches exist several dozens of different Christian religious groups, based on the different needs of the society. Some of them are spin-offs from the state churches, others are spin-offs from the Free Churches. To take one example; Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh-day Adventists grew out of the Miller Movement. To understand and comprehend the different approaches, scientific discourse and empirical questions are needed here to understand and make informed statements.